Monday, August 1, 2011

It's Been A While..But I'll Just Do This Anyway!

So I'm a loser...I was going to blog all summer, but never got around to it and summer is pretty much over once August hits...I'd like to do a quick summer I'm going to post this one and some of my favorite summer ones and move on...Sadly these are Easter pictures and then it moves to end of the school year pictures...
We had quite the hunts. Sonnet really enjoyed her hunts. Peyton and Brock also had a lot of fun hunting. It was nice to see Sas leading the charge again...I think that bunny is coming back out of retirement. There were three hunts...a little kid hunt, a teenager hunt, and an adult hunt...which was my personal favorite...and which Pam and Ryan did not win everything in this year (Jake and Nancy did!)

These were Easter outfits this year! Cute, cute, cute...I had a heyday at the JC Penney's store. They have the cutest dresses and mark them down so I was buying all kinds of cute dresses like this for only 15.00 dollars...

This is Peyton finding his basket...we hid it harder than we ever have he had to try pretty hard to find it!

Sonnet loved finding her basket and made short work of the candy!

Peyton's school did dress up days at the end of the year and he is fun...he dressed up every day. These were my two favorites....

Backwards day Crazy-Blue and White day! He looks awesome huh!

Peyton also had a dance recital to end the year. It was kind of bittersweet because Patty was retiring. We will miss her.

This is all of her clogging students. You can see Peyton on the front...

This is Peyton with his 1st grade teacher. He danced at her retirement party. We are sad she is leaving. She did amazing things with Peyton. He loved going to school and he learned so much from her. She made him feel very special!

We did a science day for the 1st grade students here. We started last year in kindergarten and then year we did it again. I think they really liked it. It is fun to see how creative these little kids are.

They are building styrofoam towers here.

Finally I have some pics of memorial day. This was by far my favorite arrangement. We had to do this solo though because my mom and dad were Pam took charge and we did all the graves we normally go to...This one was for my grandma.

These were all of the ones on her grave. Sonnet liked the pretty flowers.

This is Andy and Peyton decorating his mother's grave. Still very hard and we still miss her tons. What a wonderful lady.

Okay, so this was started June 1st and it is now August 2nd. This summer has been one big party, but I'm going to be doing a big long post (or maybe a few small ones to catch up and then I promise to do better! :-) )


Cassie said...

It was fun to catch up with you. Can't wait to see more.

Nancy Niederer said...

Those memorial flowers are beautiful! I love PJ on white and blue day - he looked awesome! I was glad to have a new post to read. I havent done so well at blogging this summer either.